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Academic Conference
American Citizenship
Art Viewing Experience
Family Gathering
Higher Education
Periodic Personal Evaluation
Relationship to Nature
U.S. Presidential Elections

Academic Conference Edition

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Do conference notes and materials become buried in the ephemera of your life?
Do they end up in your office filing cabinets, bookshelves, countertops and drawers without documentation or resolution in an accessible form?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for evaluating and preserving your conference experiences.
Helps organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose for every conference you attend.
Is an invaluable indexof the pluses and minuses of the conferences you attend.

Good for decision making, grant & report writing, time management, performance dossiers, peer & career evaluation, networking, back stabbing, memoirs.

American Citizenship Edition

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Are you taking advantage of the benefits and privileges which America provides its citizenry?
Do you understand or question the rights, roles and responsibilities of your American citizenship?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for comprehending and making the most of your American experience.
Helps organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose every time you question or think you understand what it means to be American.

Good for international travel preparation; mental gymnastics; inspecting bandwagons; endearing oneself to like-minded cronies; reinforcing fear, loathing, and patriotism; and adding spice to conversations.

Art Viewing Experience Edition

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Do art exhibitions leave you pondering aimlessly?
Are you confused about what you are seeing and how it makes you feel?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for evaluating and preserving your art viewing experiences; and art's value to community and culture.
Organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose for every exhibition you attend.

Good for impressing friends and colleagues, schmoozing, intellectual development, aesthetic decision making, understanding one's own collectionagenda, getting ideas for one's own work, validating one's own feelings of superiority or inferiority, art education, writing art criticism.

Control Edition

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Do you know when to hold them, when to fold them, when to walk away and when to take over? Do interpersonal dynamics leave you reeling, or superior feeling?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a means to better understand your own motivations and behavior, and the forces of control internal and external to your environment.
Monitor your passions and interpersonal interactions with an increased understanding of potential sources of conflict and how you can control them.
Use at sporting events, political rallies, work, school, the gym, spiritual gatherings, business meetings, and while traveling.

Good for determining who holds the reigns, why they hold them, and how they manage and maintain them.

Family Gathering Edition

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Confused or emotional while processing family gatherings and interactions?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for making the most of family get-togethers.
Helps you understand who you are and where you came from.
Perfect for birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, holidays, random get-togethers, and all manner of parties, meetings and events.

Good for self-appraisal and validation; therapy sessions; blame, denial, superiority and judgment; remembering, forgiving, and forgetting; preparation for writing eulogies and toasts.

Food Edition

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Don't know if it was something you ate or ?

Meaning Maker:
Provides food for thought regarding your food choices, customs, habits and issues.
Cultivate your diet with a new, renewed or updated approach to daily food selection, preparation and consumption.
Enjoy the rich feast that results when you are attentive to food culture. Spice up your conversation with enticing foodie jargon that will make your friends salivate.

Good for pretending you are a foodie, impressing friends and acquaintances, getting that much needed first date, improving your health, training and tantalizing your tastebuds, and transforming the animal act of eating into a delectable culinary sport.

Higher Education Edition

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Wondering if the increasingly high tuition and decades of debt in the form of student loans is worth it?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for evaluating and preserving your college experiences.
Helps you to organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose for every school term you sign up for.
Provides you with an invaluable index of the pluses and minuses of your academic experiences.

Good for guilt trips, walks down memory lane; self-delusion assessment; job applications; debriefing; letting go; demonstrating your own self-worth; and proving something to your parents, yourself, or your friends.

Periodic Personal Evaluation Edition

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Feeling out-of-sorts, unfocused, misdirected, or confused?
Are you being all that you could be?
Have you reached your zenith or abandoned your childhood dreams?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for making the most of your day-to-day.
Helps organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose every time you feel insecure or in need of direction.
Assists development of a cohesive understanding of who you are, where you have been, and where you could go.

Good for reality checks, building self esteem, suicide management, revealing delusions, future planning, friendly competition, climbing out of holes, checking in with your inner child, break ups, traumas, and life crises of all sorts and intensities.

Relationship to Nature Edition

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Is something missing or out of whack in your life?
Do you long for quiet, balance, simpler times?
Are you aware of your impact on the future of the planet and living accordingly?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for making the most of your relationship to nature, and evaluating your environmental awareness.
Helps organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose every time you think about the planet you inhabit.

Good for establishing consciousness, advocacy, understanding choice, accessing one's impact, connecting with larger forces, becoming green, and giving oneself a kick in the pants or a pat on the back.

U.S. Presidential Elections

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Are you an effective U.S. citizen or should you become an expat?
Does the barrage of media hype, controversy, and targeted slamming of presidential candidates send your head reeling?

Meaning Maker:
Provides a structure for making the most of your democratic American citizenship.
Helps organize your thoughts and cultivate purpose every time you consider going to the voting booth or feel concern about how your tax dollars are being spent.

Good for boasting about your candidate, developing your talking points, understanding your enemies, validating your citizenship and voting decisions, blogging, preparing for debates, writing to your representatives or letters to the editor, developing guilt and subsequently good citizenship, mentoring future engaged citizens, and moving beyond the rhetoric of mainstream media.

Coming Soon: Food Edition, Support Group Edition, Community Group Edition, Peer Group Edition, Life Crisis Edition, Rite of Passage Edition, Identity Crisis Edition, Occupation Edition, Random Events Edition, Interpersonal Communication Edition, Career Paths Edition, Spiritual Quest Edition.